Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who I Am

I want someone to love me
For who I am
I want someone to need me
Is that so bad?
I want to break all the madness
But it's all I have
I want someone to love me
For who I am

Yes. I do realize that those are lyric from Nick Jonas. And, yes, I do not like him very much - to be honest, I can't stand him - but the lyrics are great. And I think it was a cry of distress from him.

Fame and fortune. Everyone wants it. Everyone thinks that it's something and amazing and fantastic and that it's the perfect life. Wrong. It's not. I've come to realize that, but I didn't always. TMZ stalks people - a lot. I would hate to have that. Sure, I'd love to have people love me, worship the ground I walk on, and even send me free things. (Ha.) But there is more to life than just fame and fortune.

I read a book a year ago called "Still Growing" by Kirk Cameron. It's an amazing read and I suggest you get it. For those who don't know, Kirk was the star of the 80s sitcom, Growing Pains. He was a teen heart throb for many years, and in the book he tells how his fame has affected him today. He talks about all of the crazy things that happened, and how many screaming fans he had to endure. He also talks about his walk with God, which is an amazing story.

Back to Nick Jonas' lyrics... The Jonas Brothers are still really popular - even though there's that Justin Bieber kid out there. The Jonas Brothers have endured a lot of stress and have really pulled through. But, in all honesty, I would think that they're kind of upset or hurting inside. They love their fans, sure, but do their fans love them for them or love them for their fame, music, and fortune?

My final thought: What is love? Is it the love of someone, or the love of something?



  1. Such a good post!
    we sign out the same way ("j") ... weird! and cool!
    Keep writing!

  2. Thanks, Jami!
    'J' people are the best! :)