Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

That's what Glee sang to the audience as their finale number at sectionals. The more I thought about that song, the more I realized it to be true. The song is now stuck in my head, and I have memorized it. It is so evident, and so true to life today.

For example, the whole Conan O'Brien vs. Jay Leno thing on NBC. I'm glad it's finally settled, because it was seriously annoying. Everyone everywhere was "Are you Team Conan?" or "What are your thoughts on Jay Leno?". Seriously, STOP IT. The situation (no Jersey Shore pun intended) has been laid to rest. End of story.

Life is not fair. We are faced with decisions every day. Some things people want, and some things people need. There is a difference between the two. To want something is to feel the need have something. You want to have it. To need something is to be desperate for. Major difference between the two.

Equality is not perfect. Not everyone sees how everyone is equal to everyone else. God created man equal. He made no one better than anyone else, not even the President of the United States. Just because people think they are better than you, doesn't mean they are. They have no better rights than you. People may treat them differently, but, in reality, they are wanting attention - sometimes like you.

Success is something we should strive for. The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Work for things you want. It will pay off. Shoot for the stars, because, even if you miss, you'll be amoing the stars.

Ignore the people who are spoiled. They will hurt you in the end. America, we have a lot of work to do.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Song lyrics always make me happy. I'd like to share my favorite song lyrics as of this moment. Enjoy.

Where do I go
Follow the river
Where do I go
Follow the gulls

Where is the something
Where is the someone
That tells me why I live and die

Where do I go
Follow the children
Where do I go
Follow their smiles

Is there an answer
In their sweet faces
That tells me why I live and die

Follow the wind song
Follow the thunder
Follow the neon in young lovers' eyes

Down to the gutter
Up to the glitter
Into the city
Where the truth lies

Where do I go
Follow my heartbeat
Where do I go
Follow my hand

Where will they lead me
And will I ever
Discover why I live and die

Why do I live (beads, flowers)
Why do I die (freedom, happiness)
Tell my why (beads, flowers)
Tell me where (freedom, happiness)
Tell my why (beads, flowers)
Tell me why (freedom!)