Thursday, July 22, 2010


He got a big ego, such a huge ego
I love his big ego, it's too much
He walk like this 'cause he can back it up

Let's talk about egos today. I know, quite a fun subject, but one thst is true to me.

Why do people have egos? That's a very good question. To be honest, I'm not sure myself. Why do people assume that they are better than someone else? It doesn't make sense to me. We are all people. We all live our lives. We all do the same thing. Some of us may be able to do something someone else can't, but that doesn't automatically makes us a better person.

To me, talent is a gift and a blessing. We are all given talent. Everyone is talented. It may not be in the same way as someone else, but we all have talent. Nothing makes someone better than anyone else. Sure, I'll admit, I envy Lea Michele (from Glee) of her singing talent every day, but I know she worked hard to acheive that. It didn't just come over night. We are all people. We are all one.

Ask yourself one question. Right now. Do I have an ego? Ask yourself. Did you ask? Did you say yes? I can guarntee that someone said no, but they are just adding to their ego. "I'm so nice. I don't have an ego. I'm better than that." Did that sound like a person without an ego to you? I think not.

Remember, friends are you friends for a reason. Don't pick your friends because of what they can do. Friends are friends because you can relate. No one is better than anyone else.

I repeat. No one is better than anyone else.